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International Exchange Program

Exchange Program


Exchange student candidates must submit their applications through the International Office of their home university. For Deadlines, Eligibility and Instructions on how to apply, please refer below:

"Eligibility and Application Instructions 2017"  Download

1Application Materials

Application for Exchange Students   in English : Download
  in Japanese : Download
Evaluation of Japanese Language Proficiency Download
English Proficiency Report Download
Certificate of Physical Condition Download
Application for Certificate of Eligibility Aoyama
Campus applicants :
Campus applicants :
Information for Tutors Download
Housing Application Form   Aoyama
Campus applicants :
Campus applicants :


MBA program, Physical Education classes, Teacher's Certificate courses, foreign language courses for Japanese students, some in Education and courses that are full are restricted.

Note: Graduate students may be accepted on a limited basis subject to approval from the academic staff based on academic objectives. Courses are taught in Japanese, therefore, high level of Japanese proficiency is mandatory.


With completed application materials submitted, IEC will, on behalf of the students, apply to the Immigration Bureau for the "Certificate of Eligibility" (CoE). Please note that it will take approximately 1 to 2 months for CoE to be issued by the Immigration Bureau (usually in late July for Fall semester applicants, February for Spring semester applicants). Therefore, make sure there are no mistakes in the documents submitted in Excel-file (3 sheets). As soon as CoE is issued, AGU will forward the document by post to the student's home university. CoE, along with Letter of Acceptance and valid passport is usually necessary to apply for student visa at your local Japanese Embassy / Consulate of citizenship, BEFORE departing your home country. Please check with local Japanese Embassy / Consulate regarding any updated information or details.

Note: Those who have Japanese citizenship must enter Japan with Japanese passport. In such cases, applying for student visa will not be necessary.

4Living Expenses

The following is an estimate living costs of attending AGU as an Exchange Student for a full academic year (12 months).

Room & Board¥1,260,000
Books and Materials¥60,000
Transportation ¥35,000
Extracurricular activities ¥70,000
National Health Insurance¥25,000