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Student Life

Support Systems and Other Activities for International Students

The faculty and staff of Aoyama Gakuin University are committed to helping international students adjust to their new environment so that they are able to pursue their studies effectively. We have established the following support systems to facilitate such assistance and to promote communication among international students, faculty and staff.
Support Systems for International Students
International students enrolled at AGU are assigned faculty members as advisers and are encouraged to consult the advisers assigned to them if they have questions regarding their studies or any other aspect of life in Japan.
International students are also assigned Japanese students as tutors. These tutors assist them in dealing with both academic and personal matters, such as coping with any language or intercultural problems that may arise.
Extracurricular Activities

Aoyama Gakuin University offers two kinds of extracurricular activities intended to enrich student life.
Many international students choose to join clubs. The experience of participating in club activities enriches student life at AGU. The two types of clubs are listed below:

  • More than 60 athletic clubs including aikido, tennis, basketball and sailing.
  • More than 60 hobby clubs including shodo, kado and other Japanese culture clubs.
Social Events
The International Exchange Center holds various social events and get-togethers throughout the year.
Social Event Schedule
April Spring Excursion
May Welcome Party for International Students (all departments) Tea Leaves Harvesting
July Watch Kabuki
July Farewell Party
November Fall Excursion
December Christmas Party
January Watch the Sumo Tournament
February Farewell Party
International Exchange Get-Togethers
Clearly, academic research is the principal reason for overseas study. However, at the same time, the culture of the host country, human contact and developing an understanding of the people of the host country are also important. We invite international students to engage in exchanges with the people of the community as well as with your university friends. The university receives many programs and announcements, so please check the bulletin board for programs in addition to those listed below.
Main Programs
May Takahagi (Ibaraki Prefecture) International Exchange Get-Together
July&August Nasu (Tochigi Prefecture) International Exchange Get-Together
English Summer Camp in Kita Ward
August&February Hokkaido International Exchange Get-Together
November Symphony Orchestra International Exchange Get-Together